How many semi-trucks will five proposed warehouses bring to the historic Weyerhaeuser campus -- and to major roads like Highway 18, Interstate 5 and South 320th Street?

Based on traffic impact analysis reports contained in Industrial Realty Group's warehouse applications -- reports completed by its own consultants -- the total is 808.

Check out the charts below, taken directly from IRG's applications filed with the city of Federal Way. The daily semi-truck trip counts are:

  • 199 for Warehouse A
  • 191 for Warehouse B
  • 418 for the Greenline Business Park (3 warehouses)

Do a little math and the total is 808. And that's every day.

It's possible the number of trucks could be fewer -- or greater -- based on who eventually leases or purchases the warehouses from IRG. But the traffic impact analysis reports are based on IRG's designation of Warehouses A and B as general commodity warehouses and the Greenline Business Park as an industrial park (see highlighted designations on the charts below).

March 6, 2018  Page 10

Greenline Business Park trip generation