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Save Weyerhaeuser Campus is a nonprofit, grassroots organization. Our mission is to promote the responsible use and conservation of the unique character of the Weyerhaeuser Campus.

We are unified in our intent to maintain a healthy, habitable and sustainable living community in Federal Way, free of the industrial development now under consideration by the City of Federal Way for the internationally acclaimed Weyerhaeuser Campus.

As such, we support the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Vision 2040 designation of Federal Way as a “Regional Growth Center” containing significant business, governmental and cultural activities including jobs, shopping, recreation and parks, and responsible residential development.

Our Vision


  • We have conserved the Weyerhaeuser Campus for the use by future generations.
  • Consistent with the Vision 2040 The Weyerhaeuser Campus has become a model of the balance between natural and commercial development.
  • The Weyerhaeuser Campus is an important part of why Federal Way is a place where people want to live, work, shop and enjoy themselves in a natural setting which the Weyerhaeuser Family envisioned for Federal Way.
  • Because we have a compelling message and an effective voice, we have the support of the entire Federal Way community, city officials, State and Federal agencies and leaders, major foundations, celebrities and many organizations which promote good environmental stewardship.
  • We have successfully stopped the development of an industrial fish processing factory on the campus which is inconsistent with the original intent of the Weyerhaeuser Family and Foundation for the last 45 years, and in violation of Vision 2040.
  • We have an effective and fully funded advocacy plan.
  • All development of the Weyerhaeuser Campus meets EIS, SEPA and regional planning requirements.


PO Box 4402, Federal Way, WA 98063


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