Proposed property purchase along North Lake

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North Lake acquisition map

Potential development areas

Proposed development
Photo illustration: Save Weyerhaeuser Campus

North Lake Watershed, showing areas of proposed development

Photo illustration: Save Weyerhaeuser Campus

North Lake Watershed

Courtesy King County

Original campus master plan

Original campus plan/Courtesy SWA

Original warehouse proposals

11x17 Portrait (3)This aerial photo/illustration shows the location of the two original warehouse proposals on the former Weyerhaeuser campus. Outlined in purple at bottom right is a 314,000-square-foot building originally proposed for Orca Bay Seafoods/Preferred Freezer Services; the companies have pulled out, but the application for an unspecified building on a similar footprint remains vested and continues through the technical review process. At top right is the outline of the originally proposed 721,000-square-foot warehouse, nearly the size of the Commons Mall (outlined in green at top left). That proposal has been dropped, replaced by a binding site plan application for three warehouses totaling more than 1 million square feet.

IRG map from The Registry article

IRG map/courtesy The Registry

IRG campus property delineations