Are "closed" signs the future Federal Way deserves? Save Weyerhaeuser Campus doesn't think so.

Health and life expectancy should not be determined by Zip codes. And yet, studies show King County communities don't share the same access to physical health. Federal Way is one of the places lacking access.

Place matters. The physical environment where one lives affects both quality of life and life expectancy. When we make better places, we make better lives.

The Covid 19 pandemic lays bare the true costs of health disparities. Even before the Covid 19 pandemic, large parts of Federal Way were identified as "opportunity" areas -- locations where households lack open space access and simultaneously fall in the bottom third of census tracts for household income and top third of census tracts for hospitalization rates due to asthma, diabetes, and heart disease.

Save Weyerhaeuser Campus continues the fight to preserve and protect campus trails, forests and open spaces. Our current health crisis makes clear we can't afford to stop fighting to protect the livability of Federal Way and South King County. Vulnerable community members living in multifamily apartments and residences deserve to thrive through access to the same opportunities as King County residents in Seattle, Bellevue and other places. The resiliency of our entire region depends on it.

Every dollar counts and the need is critical. For nearly four years, every dollar donated to Save Weyerhaeuser Campus has gone directly to ensuring IRG keeps its promise to develop the former campus in manner that creates good jobs, preserves public access to trails, meadows and waterfront, and protects trees and the environment. To accomplish this, we've been forced to turn to the King County Superior Court -- a costly but necessary step.

We are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. We are deeply appreciative of the support we receive from the hundreds of people who believe in our vision and have joined the fight.