"Given the high potential that the subject site and surrounding Weyerhaeuser property is significant for its design, landscape, and plan, we recommend that the City consider the impact of the proposal on the character and quality of this location and on Federal Way’s heritage as well as its future."

Gregory GriffithDeputy State Historic Preservation Officer

Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation

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"The Weyerhaeuser HQ stands out even among the pantheon of other modernist corporate office sites in the country, and is particularly notable for its integration of landscape and building design and its groundbreaking open floor plan concept. ... In our professional opinion, we believe the Weyerhaeuser HQ is clearly eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places because of its exceptional importance."

Eugenia Woo, Director of Preservation Services

Historic Seattle

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"There are few buildings, especially of this size, so deeply integrated into the surrounding landscape. The united exterior and interior landscape is enhanced by the interior design which pioneered the “open-office” plan in America, free of any partitions. ... The 19 acre area proposed for redevelopment is a critical and planned element of the historic land­scape that would suffer permanent damage by several elements of this proposal that interfere with the intentional design of the site."

Chris Moore, Executive Director

Washington Trust for Historic Preservation

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