Here's how you can join our efforts:

  • Print and pass out flyers to spread the word: Full flyer here.
  • Help with research & document maintenance
  • Donate to help pay our team of experts: traffic engineer, wetlands specialist, architect, land-use attorney. These folks will be key in negotiating with IRG and/or appealing projects to the hearing examiner.
  • Share your views with the City Council and the mayor
  • Attend a City Council meeting to get your comments on the public record

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We appreciate your donation of any amount! Your contributions will help pay the team of experts we have engaged to fight against industrial redevelopment of the former Weyerhaeuser campus. Click to donate:

go-fund-me-logo-2Or send a check to:

Save Weyerhaeuser Campus, PO Box 4402, Federal Way, WA 98063-4402

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