• Warehouse A appeal concludes: Save Weyerhaeuser Campus' appeal of the city's approval of Warehouse A wrapped up Aug. 9, 2019. The case required five days of hearings before the Federal Way hearing examiner, June 20-21 and Aug. 7-9. The Aug. 7 hearing included comments from the public.
  • Decision expected in early September: Post-hearing briefs (similar to closing arguments) from the attorneys for Save Weyerhaeuser Campus, Industrial Realty Group and the City of Federal Way will be filed with the hearing examiner by August 28. Then the examiner will review all the hearing materials and issue his decision within 10 business days.
  • Review of cumulative impacts: A major focus of SWC's case focused on the contention that the city is required to review the cumulative impacts that will be created by all five of IRG's warehouses proposed on the former Weyerhaeuser campus -- not just Warehouse A or its closest neighbor, Warehouse B. Some of those impacts include traffic, environment and historic preservation.
  • Background: The city issued the land-use approval for Warehouse A in February 2019 and its SEPA (environmental) approval in October 2018. Read the approval documents. Several county, state and tribal agencies submitted written SEPA comments expressing concerns about traffic and the environment. Read their comments. The appeals were combined as required by law.
  • Warehouse B: The city is continuing through the land-use permit review process for this warehouse, located on the south part of the campus, next to Warehouse A. It's expected the environmental and land-use decisions for Warehouse B will come soon.


  • Greenline Business Park: IRG's application for three warehouses, totaling more than 1 million square feet, on the north end of the campus, has triggered the requirement for a master drainage plan. This complex plan can take 1-2 years to complete. In January, IRG's consultants notified the city that they would be revising the plan to drop below the threshold where a master drainage plan is required; however, to date no changes have been filed with the city. You can view documents on the city's site. More than 725 community members signed a comment letter we facilitated and forwarded to the city.
  • Public Comments: Comments can be submitted to the city on Warehouse B and the Greenline Business Park until decisions are issued. Email your comments or send to/drop them off at Federal Way City Hall.

Greenline Warehouse "A"

The approved project: A 225,950-square-foot general commodity warehouse with 264 parking spaces and 30 semi trailer stalls on 15.16 acres of land located on Weyerhaeuser Way, just north of Highway 18 and south of the campus headquarters building. The building will be 40-44 feet tall. A tenant has not been identified.

Traffic: A study estimates the warehouse will generate nearly 1,000 new vehicle trips daily. This includes 199 truck trips (26 trips during the AM peak hour and 20 during the PM peak hour) and 795 passenger vehicle trips (103 during the AM peak hour and 80 during the PM peak hour).Vehicle access: One access is planned for truck traffic, to channel semis from Highway 18 to the entrance just north of the interchange. No left turns will be allowed onto Weyerhaeuser Way. Passenger vehicles will access the warehouse and its offices via two driveways off the headquarters "loop road."

Design: Craft Architects has "included timber accents and artistic reveal patterns to emphasize the history and character of the area." Office entries that are visible from adjoining streets feature "large expanses of glass, glue laminated timber framing, facade modulation, large canopies and arcades."

Environmental issues: Wetlands will be filled and many significant trees will be cut, resulting in loss of animal and bird habitat. There may be impacts to East Hylebos Creek, which flows through Milton and Fife to the Tacoma tide flats. Noise and air pollution from semi-trucks servicing the warehouse are a concern.

Technical review: Read the city's technical review letters here: Jan. 28, 2018 letter, June 27, 2017 letter and Oct. 7, 2016 letter.

What’s next: Awaiting a decision from the City of Federal Way hearing examiner on appeals filed by Save Weyerhaeuser Campus. SWC appealed the land-use and SEPA (environmental) approvals by the city. Five days of appeal hearings wrapped up Aug. 9, 2019. A decision could come in early September.

Greenline Business Park

The proposal: IRG has applied to build three warehouses totaling nearly 1.1 million square feet on 146 acres that include the existing Greenline Technology Center building. The buildings will be 42 feet tall, and according to the environmental checklist, views looking north from South 336th Street will be altered by the sight of Buildings B and C.

The plan includes 1,446 parking spaces and 111 spaces for semi trailers. Access will be via four driveways off Weyerhaeuser Way. Five storm water ponds are proposed, including one on the east side of Weyerhaeuser Way, across from the project site. 

The site has 4,182 significant trees (175 of those in the required buffer) and 58 percent of them will be lost to construction.

Building A: 638,000 square feet, located north of the Tech Center.

Building B: 282,500 square feet, located south of the Tech Center.

Building C: 147,500 square feet, located south of the Tech Center.

Environmental issues: The site includes 63 wetlands and a man-made fish-bearing stream that is part of the Hylebos stream system, Issues include truck traffic, loss of forested watershed and habitat for animals and birds, filling of wetlands, effects on water quantity and quality in North Lake, which feeds the salmon-bearing East Hylebos Creek that flows through the campus and eventually into Puget Sound in Tacoma.

What's next: The city is reviewing IRG's application documents and had been working with IRG to develop the scope for a master drainage plan that is required for such a large project. In January 2019, an IRG consultant notified the city that the plans would be scaled back to drop below the threshold for the master drainage plan, but as of Aug. 18, 2019, no updated project documents have been uploaded to the city's Greenline Business Park ftp site.

Greenline Business Park plan

Three warehouses, more than 1 million square feet, proposed near Tech Center. Click on map for larger view.

Previous warehouse site plan

Original warehouse proposal. Click to enlarge.

Forest and wetlands at risk

Thousands of trees would be cut to make way for three warehouses. Photo: Talasaea Consultants

Man-made stream channel

Over time, this man-man stream has become more naturalized, consultants say. It flows south into Weyerhaeuser Lake. Photo: Talasaea Consultants

Project documents

Forested wetland. Photo: Talasaea Consultants