Weyerhaeuser HQ is now Greenline? 

Oct. 7, 2016greenline-brochure-cover

The structure formerly known as the Weyerhaeuser headquarters building has been renamed "Greenline," according to a brochure from the Andover Company, leasing agent for IRG.

While we're waiting on the official announcement, you can read the brochure here. The name is also attached to the Technology Center.

Greenline? I wonder how IRG's branding company came up with the name? An Oct. 6 Daily Journal of Commerce article identifies the firm as Seattle's DEI Creative, whose website shows a campaign for Greenfire Campus apartments in Ballard.

Was the inspiration perhaps our neighboring grassroots environmental group, Red Line Tacoma?

Or was it the Green Line commuter route in places like Portland, Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C.? Maybe Vermont's 60-mile Green Line transmission project? Or the Green Line that was the border between Israel and the West Bank until 1967?

Closer to home, Greenline is found in the names of a Bellevue shipping company and a Kirkland juice shop. And, I've been told Greenline or Green Line are terms for medical marijuana.

Hmmm. Seems like such an uninspired name for such an exceptional building and landscape.

When the official announcement comes, it will be interesting to hear the reason behind "Greenline."

But to those of us from Federal Way and beyond, the building will always be synonymous with "Weyerhaeuser."

Updated 10-09